Before Olive and Ralf Interiors took over my whole life, I worked in the corporate world of Estate Agency in the North West of England. I would often have appointments with people who hadn’t moved for years and I would have the task of helping sellers prepare their family homes for sale, without spending any more money.

I would like to share my tips for better viewing feedback, you can do for free.

Its all in the presentation, forget freshly baked bread…

• Did you know that your buyer or tenant will make their mind up within the first few minutes of entering the property? This means that your entrance vestibule / door way should be clean and clutter free. Should your property be empty, small staging items such as stylish ceiling lights and welcome mats go a long way. Oh and don’t forget a plug in air freshener, its the small touches that count.

• Make sure your property is comfortably warm. If you are able, it is always worthwhile to make sure that your heating is switched on a couple of hours before your viewing, or placed on a timer to come on throughout the day. Not only is your property more welcoming, it may save any incidents of frozen pipes should your property be vacant throughout the winter months. If your home has a fire place, make use of it! A fire place is always the focal point of a room, dress your fire place with accessories in keeping with your property. If you are lucky enough to have a log burner, accessorise with a fire-side set and even some wood. Head out for a walk to see what you can pick up!

• There are two rooms that really matter to a buyer, one of which is the kitchen. If you are including appliances, your prospective buyer/tenant WILL open them to take a look inside. Make sure that they are as clean as they can be. If your property is empty, it is worthwhile defining this room by small electrical accessories such as a kettle and two perfectly placed mugs, maybe a chopping board, stylish tea towels and a spice rack. Have you thought about a few bowls of fresh fruit or a cookery book? You really don’t need to go to any large expense just help your viewer visualise where they would put their own things once they have moved in.

• We all know the benefits of artificial light, but natural light is a must too. I always open all the doors and switch all the lights on in any property prior to someone taking a look around. It’s key to have clean windows and windowsills to let that light in. Frame your windows with neutral colours if you can. If your property is furnished, keep any large chunky furniture out of the way of your light source. Draw eyes to your windows with accessories, particularly with plants or flowers. Mirrors are an amazing way to let light bounce through every room in the house, just a couple here and there make a huge difference.


• The second most important room in the house to stage is the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom is clutter free. If your grout has seen better days, have it replaced or scrub to your hearts content. Remove all bottles and cleaning equipment and make sure the bathroom is clean and fresh. Zoflora is a strong scented disinfectant, a splash in your plug holes to ensure the room is smelling fresh. Toilet seat down, always. A stack of towels and a fancy hand soap bottle along with an unused toilet roll and a few accessories is more than enough to define this room. Make sure your sanitary ware and taps are as gleaming as possible.


• Although we tend to love to have our families and friends pictures on walls and shelves, it’s a good idea to remove personal items when selling or renting a home. Prospective buyers/tenants are drawn to photographs and personal items taking attention away from the room, so place them in a safe place until you have moved. Replace the photos with prints or mirrors. If the property is vacant a few key prints and pieces of wall art can lift a room. If you have a colour scheme, stick to it. Should your shelves or windowsills now look bare, why not replace with other accessories or even a reed diffuser.

• If your bedroom is already furnished, ensure that the bed is made and the sheets are straight. Keep cosmetics and laundry tidy and away. I recommend reed diffuser’s and candles in the bedroom to keep the area lightly scented, especially if the room is lived in. If the property is not occupied, frame your windows. In a larger, empty room it is important to keep your carpets and flooring clean and if you have skirting boards, dust free. Comfort is everything in the bedroom.

The above are just a few hints and tips that i have picked up through my career. I live, eat, sleep property so I welcome you to get in touch if you have been struggling with your property. I would love to see if I can offer some free advice.  Let’s talk house:

Alissa x

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