If you have ever ventured into the world of Homes and Interiors on Instagram, you will know that upholding the standard is a strong community of like minded individuals, who support each other through every process of their home styling journey.

If you are planning a renovation, or looking to redesign a room I recommend dipping your toe into the #myhome pool.

Imagine struggling as to which flooring to choose, or which light shade works best with the new wall-paper and having an army of passionate, style obsessed guys and gals to offer their tried and tested advice, in real time. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It IS!

I recently asked the question, ‘ What are your most relevant tip’s for taking on a renovation or re-design’ and here is the advice my favourite renovation accounts swear by…

Stephanie is currently renovating her flat, with a sympathetic nod to the properties Edwardian build. Stephanie strongly recommends not to rush into a decision and to plan things to the very last detail.

Planning is probably the hardest part of tackling your renovation, especially when the property may be an older build. You need to plan ahead before making larger changes, you just never know what may well come up when you start to unravel your property. Even old wallpaper can hide a multitude of sins, so be prepared for what might come up along the way. If you are unsure if your property can take what you have planned, contact a surveyor for some advice.

Working with many home developers and renovators, my favourite piece of advice is to always contingency plan. BORING, i know but give yourself an additional 10% ‘just in case’ budget.

‘Look at all the hard and soft elements together before purchasing anything’

Another top tip from Stephanie at @georgestreet_interior is to create a mood board for all those ideas that keep you awake at night. A mood board is a fantastic visual representation of what is to come. Do not be afraid to play with textures and include materials and photographs of your favourite home accessories. A mood board helps to see what works in the early stages before making a large and sometimes costly decision on something that you’re just ‘not sure’ about.

Francis at The Farm House offered the following advice, ‘If you be paying a professional to help with your renovation, you should always take three quotes in order to see what works for you’. If you can, speak with someone who has used your preferred trades person before. Its important that you lock in your price too, you don’t want any nasty surprises half way through your project.

For those who are embarking on a DIY project, work smart. If you are looking to handle a small project, don’t purchase costly electrical tools that you wont use again. Either pay a professional or hire them. There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on tools you might use once or twice.

Lisa from @diyandcoffee believes that when it comes to DIY painting, prep is the key. The way to a flawless finish is to prepare your walls, clean your skirting boards and give yourself a near perfect canvas.


Here are a couple of must see renovations who have mastered their recent projects, offering inspiration and support along the way.


A renovation project is of course going to be hard work, but there is no feeling like sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Stay strong and be brave… oh and don’t forget that 10%.

Have Fun x

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