Firstly, my name is Alissa and Olive and Ralf is my company and life. Hooked on homeware since 95′.

It was clear to my parents which path I would take. At the age of 6 I cut up my Mum’s vintage, royal blue kimono to make a table cloth for my bedside table. The plywood clearly didn’t gel with the theme that I had gone for…which consisted mostly of spice girl merch, a battered Furby and a lava lamp. Thankfully, at 32 they can no longer ground me any more for attacking fabrics with my scissors.

I call Lancashire home. I love it. I adore the outdoors and I don’t mind getting rained on 364 days a year, so it works for me. I live here with my two French Bulldogs, Olive and Ralf. (I know… I’m such a cliché!)

I made the decision to leave the corporate world last year on the pursuit of finding happiness. A decision that couldn’t have been made if I didn’t have the absolute support of a few key people, for which I am eternally grateful.


So Hiya! Welcome. In brief, I live for home décor, shelfies and homes being…well…homes. All of my time is taken searching home boutiques, gift shops, stalls, auctions and reading endless articles about home & lifestyle. I figured it completely made sense for me to make the gorgeous home items I find available to others and write about things I find along the way.

Our First Blog

I do hope that you will join me, as I can certainly say that I fall more in happiness each day with Olive and Ralf Interiors.

Finally, I absolutely don’t want to be a faceless account. So please feel free to drop me a line and let’s talk house!I can be found on social media under OliveandRalf and on email:

I look forward to connecting! I hope that you will stop by again, lovely to e-meet you!

Alissa x